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Industry grade screen protectors with custom-fit for mobile phones for various brands

Mobile phones and smartphones are an integral part of our everyday life. Our constant companions interact with us via their display or touch screen. The Smartphone Touch is exposed to daily stress. It is not uncommon for scratches to occur (Yes! can also be used on tempered glass displays, scratches can occur! or the display breaks in case of a fall "Spider App"). With Neoxum's professional industrial-grade display foils (certified according to quality standard DIN ISO 9001) you can effectively reduce the risk of scratches and complete display breakage. The crystal-clear protective films are so transparent that you will hardly notice them. With the help of the anti-reflective display film, annoying reflections on the display are effectively reduced. Get an invaluable advantage in outdoor activities when using an anti-reflective film on your mobile phone display.

An optional individual laser engraving of the display film as name, logo or lettering enhances your smartphone even more. 

High-End and  extremely robust screen protection for cell phones