In industry, multi-function displays are increasingly being used to control production systems. No matter whether in the metal industry, paint industry or the wood industry, if the display as a control unit is mechanically damaged, the complete system fails for some time and this costs time, nerves and ultimately money. Unobservant employees who use pointed objects such as screwdrivers or ballpoint pens to operate the sensitive touch panels can scratch the display surfaces in such a way that the display has to be repaired. Over time, however, capacitive and pressure-sensitive industrial displays will also close with the daily human finger contact. industrial screen protection

Not only the standstill of the machine, but also the replacement of the industrial panel may also cause enormous costs. If the sometimes very sensitive touch display of the industrial machine was protected with the help of a professional Neoxum surface protection film, the original display remains intact for a long time. Even when using a ballpoint pen!

If, after a long period of intensive use, the replacement of a damaged screen protector film is necessary, this usually takes only 1-2 minutes and costs only a fraction of the repair costs of an original touch display. The original display always stays the same as on the first day - in perfect function.


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