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Why does a modern smartphone display need screen protection?

Modern displays Modern displays are usually much more robust than a few years ago. In addition, innovation such as Gorilla glass has led to a significant increase in the scratch resistance of mobile phone displays. Nevertheless, there are several good reasons for choosing a screen protector: Surface hardness A short excursion into the material science The harder the material, the more brittle it becomes (there are only a few exceptions from technical ceramics) If a material is brittle, it can jump relatively easily despite the enormous hardener, because a small peak load (= force) causes the display to break. The smaller the area affected, e. g. mobile phone display falls on a pointed small stone, the greater the pressure acting on the display surface (pressure = force per area; the smaller the area of the acting force, the greater the pressure). The greater the pressure applied, the easier it is for a display to be scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant, resulting in scratches or even cracks or cracks. Neoxum display protection films are made of a 0.13 mm thick special polymer (PET) with excellent damping properties, which counteracts back pressure and transmits it to a larger area, so that the acting force is distributed. No scratches or major damage to the instrument display Scratches and predetermined breaking points Modern displays often have scratch-resistant gorilla glass. Nevertheless, these hard surfaces are not necessarily scratch-resistant micro-scratches, caused by keys, table tops on glass or stone and much more, can manifest themselves as scratches. A predetermined breaking point is created. With the help of a high-quality screen protector, such risks can be avoided by applying an additional protective coating, which effectively protects the actual display from scratches and damage. Resale value Nowadays, smartphones are being changed far more often than they were just a few years ago. Some providers even offer a mobile phone flat rate. This makes it all the more sensible to protect your valuable electronic equipment for resale from damage in order to maximize the resale value. Any scratch on the display would reduce sales revenue.