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How much does it cost to personalize a protective film?

Cost calculation of personalization

The cost of customer-specific personalization is determined from the cost of the display protection film itself, plus the possible basic cost of laser engraving, as well as the variable cost of engraving the signs and graphics.

Costs of the Neoxum display protection film without personalization

The price of a Neoxum display protection film is displayed directly in the webshop.

Example: A custom-fit display film for Apple MacBook Air 13.3 inches in the anti-reflective version without individual personalized laser engraving costs 22.00 € (excl. shipping costs)

Basic costs of personalization

Each personalized display foil is unique. For the customer-specific laser engraving of the signs and graphics, an individual digital layout is first of all created, which the laser machines "understand" and the setup of the laser machines is carried out. The basic costs for layout creation and setup of the laser machines are 3,00 €.

Variable costs of personalization

The variable costs for the individualisation of a display protection foil are 0.0714 € per character (letters, numbers, characters, blank spaces are not charged!). Engraving a graphic costs 1,19 € flat rate. Prices are including 19% VAT.


A customer wants to personalize the display protection film with exactly 21 characters. The variable costs are 21 characters, i. e. 0.0714 € per character x 21 characters = 1.50 €.

The costs are calculated dynamically by the webshop and displayed instantaneously.

Total cost personalization - calculation based on an example Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch personalized engraved Apple MacBook Air

The total price of a personalized, engraved Neoxum protective film for Apple MacBook Air 13.3 inch is calculated as follows as an example of a custom-fit display film for Apple MacBook Air 13.3 inch:

22,00 € for the custom-fit screenplay film for Apple MacBook Air 13,3 inch

+ 3,00 € setup and layout for laser engraving personalization

+ 1,50 € engraved signs (21 characters (21 x 0,0714 €) = 1,50 €)

Total: 26,50 € (excl. shipping costs)

Depending on the type and size of the film, the number of characters to be engraved and the number of graphics to be engraved, the price is calculated automatically and displayed dynamically.